Psychoeducational Groups

Soul Surgery is a proponent of psychoeducational groups for all clients and their families. Psychoeducation refers to the process of providing education and information to clients seeking or receiving substance abuse and mental health services and their family members. Psychoeducation is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention for clients and their loved ones that provides information and support to better understand and cope with the disease of addiction and mental health diagnoses.

Psychoeducation elevates clients and family members problem-solving and communication skills and provides education and resources in an empathetic and supportive environment. Results from more than 30 studies indicate psychoeducation improves family well-being, lower rates of relapse and improves recovery. Psychoeducation, the goal of which is to help people better understand (and become accustomed to living with) mental health conditions, is considered to be an essential aspect of all therapy programs. It is generally known that those who have a thorough understanding of the challenges they are facing as well as knowledge of personal coping ability, internal and external resources, and their own areas of strength are often better able to address difficulties, feel more in control of the condition(s), and have a greater internal capacity to work toward mental and emotional well-being.

12 step program, psychoeducational groups at soul surgery

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The workshops will include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Origins of addiction
  • How addiction affects the brain and other organs.
  • The family cycle
  • Spirituality in recovery
  • History of AA/12 Step workshops
  • How to have fun in recovery
  • Anger management skills
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills
  • Goal setting and implementation
  • Exit planning
psychoeducational groups at soul surgery