Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T)

Soul Surgery is a provider of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Arizona. We are one of the few drug rehabilitation companies providing MAT in the West.


With Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T), patients are administered medicines approved by the FDA, in combination with counseling and other care, to assist in substance withdrawal. MAT can be used to treat both opioid and alcohol dependence by significantly alleviating the risk of relapse, preventing overdoses, and easing the withdrawal process.


For narcotic addictions, opioid treatments can be effective because of the way opiates, like heroin, work on the brain. Heroin quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier—a semipermeable membrane that keeps circulating blood separate from the brain—and binds to the user’s opioid receptors. This triggers brain activity that causes euphoria—a high—which, in turn, can lead to physiological dependence and addiction.


Normally, symptoms of opioid withdrawal include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and severe anxiety. When used as prescribed, Medication-Assisted Treatments can lessen these withdrawal symptoms safely, in a controlled environment and under doctors’ supervision.

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