Mental Health & Behavioral Health Services of Scottsdale, Arizona

We specialize in Mental Health services in relation to trauma, addiction & substance use disorder. We recognize that after months or years of struggling with addiction, you need a treatment center that allows you to settle in and feel comfortable as you work on the underlying issues that drive your drug or alcohol dependency. As you take in the gorgeous views on our sprawling Scottsdale, Arizona grounds and receive personalized treatment from a team of professional clinicians, you gain the strength that you need to be successful in recovery.

Soul Surgery Mission

Provide evidence-based services that will guide clients and ensure positive outcomes based upon the utilization of evidence-based practices, strength-based treatment, holistic strategies, and client satisfaction that focuses on treating the entire person:  mind, body, and spirit.


Our Vision

Soul Surgery Addiction & Mental Health Center will be the recognized leader in the provision of high quality, innovative, holistic supportive strategies for individuals living with the devastating effects of substance use, mental illness, trauma, and other life stressors.

Strategic Treatment Planning

Soul Surgery utilizes unique and proprietary treatment techniques that strengthen the mind, spirit, and body as clients work through complicated and unexpected life experience.  This is achieved through the development of weekly individual treatment schedules designed by the Clinical Team.  The client-specific schedules are determined by administering weekly assessments of each client.  Based on the outcomes, and client input, services are selected and scheduled solely based upon what will be most beneficial for individual client success at their current stage in treatment.

12 step program